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For the reasons stated in the preamble, the Agency amends 5 CFR chapter VI as follows: PART 1651—DEATH BENEFITS 1. The authority citation for part 1651 continues to.His death will be profoundly regretted, but his memory will be held in honor his fellow-citizens. Ifev, Dr. Swaney, of I nionpcrt, and Rev.He wasa devotett Uuslwnd, a faUlirul father, and a true and loyal citizen.Mr. Op(ierman said if tne Council had no say in the matter the people could vote whenever they pleased on the issne of bonds.He made subseqnent efforts, reaching at different times, Toledo, WmrtiHigton Court-house, Columbus, Dayton twka, and Cincinnati.The rules were suspended and the following bills ordered paid.Miss Eliza McCracken, of Allegheny City, who has been stopping with her sister, Mrs.Dr. S. H. Brown, Snrgeun of the Denni-floii Division of the Pan Handle, waif in town to-day on business.

Sullivan County record Roscoe Rockland review. (Jeffersonville, N.Y.).The New Paltz independent and times. (New-Paltz, Ulster County, N.Y.).

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GKKGG, of Brusii Creek township, aa a candidate for theotfice of HberiflTof Jeffiereon county, Ohio, suiqrot to Hic decision of the Kepubtiraa primary election.

I have taken several different medicines, and was treated by prom- inent physicians for my liver, kid- neys, and spleen, but I got no relief.KobiiiHon and others pas-sed through here last week On tbe line of the proposed route of the Steubenville A Cleveland Railroad.Olttolattng inlntsters.Hevs. 8. H.stewart aud ll. D. Staufrer.First, premising that there is a declination or descent of the ground from jail alley to Third street of at least four feet, I infer that Mr.

Kim Andrew Elliott discusses international broadcasting,. (50,000 dollars). with link to video conveniently domestically disseminated by the LOC.

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travels in america, performed in 1806, for the purpose of exploring the rivers alleghany, monongahela, ohio, and mississippi, and ascertaining the produce and.

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He also remarked that Bleu-benville should be ashamerl of herself for having such a ball, aud be hoped some day to hear of her jteople going down into their pockets and building a ifail which would be a credit to the town.Harris, on North Third street, for some weeks, left this morning for Urbana, on a visit to her old friend Mrs.In five minutes ph e wa s nodding, an d i n seven sh e wa s sound asleep, an d leaning hex head against a parrel, while sh e held the poor old nickle iii a tight grip betwee n he i thum b an d finget.

There till quite re- cently, every village had a t least one old wo - man who wa s no t \canny whom it wa s well to keep on good terms with in case sh e should wish yo u some bodily ill. Mr. Gregor cites th e case of a mans e into which a tomb- stone had been built b y the masons i n re- venge for the omission of th e \fooni n pint\ at th e laying of th e foundation.Her husband came to a violent death about a year ago by being thrown from the same horse.I will give the readers of tbe Herald some facts, showing the people of the rTast how much more easily they ran reach New Xlexico and Arizona.

We are now open and ready for call from friends We shall aim to keep a. full supply of TEAS, COFB-EES, SUGAB9,8YKUPS, SPICES, KXXBAdTS, CAHBEP GOODS, COUNTRY PRODUCE, CORED HAMS, S c And in fact every article usually kept in a fire class Grocery House.I n Switzerland the approved mode of charming a wart is t o rub i t with a snail an d then pu t the snail on a thorn bush.Pleasant Hill Literary Society baa adjourned to meet on the third Tnesday evening of October.The Youngstown News and Niagara Free Press. (Youngstown, N.Y.).

Aukamna.—Two Youugstown iron men are in the city locking a1 the Alikannn Iron Works with a view of purchasing or leastiqf.21 Sep 2016, Technology News covering Gadgets, Websites, Apps, Photography, Medical, Space and Science from around the world brought to you by 15 Minute News.

The boats struck about the forward end, on tbe sUrboard side.A new book out Tuesday challenges the male-centric history of science. Women haven’t just succeeded in this industry, argues author Rachel Swaby, they’ve reigne.Not Bo—Peanv Broo, say tile refiort that they are going to remove their furniture factory to the old Word Kxi-hange -----r.

Closing address by Squire Ault, which was a very good vala-dictory.The Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima sentinel. (Honeoye Falls, N.Y.).equal exchange inc worker co op 250. eaton apothecary. linden care llc 2214. wilen direct 2215. uppys amoco. dollars worth llc 2866.He had been asked by many what they were going to do abont it in Council.Read or download Illuminati:A Transnational Journal of Literature, Language and Culture Studies at Shakespir, your free ebook reading partner. Available in MOBI.Mr, Ford is now past seventy, and has been an engineer in rolling mills for more than fifty years, and has.Clark, but was not a class-mate. Ex. U. 8. SenatorsCJowan and Fowler were also his schoolmates at Franklin.

His parents are (wor people at Busi-nessbnrg, Belmont county.It wa s diluted with a gallon of water to every three drops of the tincture, and served out a s med- icine to the sufferers, who from that day be- gan to recover.Some other adjacent buildings were somewhat damage. At 3 A. M. fiames burst from Menders furniture factory on Eoff street near the jail, and in sn hoar it was consumed.This beats us about one-lhirty-aecoiKl of an inch, our fall being ouly five and thirty-one thirty second iocLes.Mr. J. S. Pollack, who has been Superintendent of the Upper Furnace since the Cleveland Fnrnaee Company took charge of it, has re.signed his position.The women toting the butter ami eggs, etc, to say nothing as to the climbing in and out of the mart of trade, or the batcher toting a quarter of beef.Such being the fact, no capitalist would pay more than one half of tbe value of the building, and take it without the ground.

Editor Herald:—Please announce my name as a candidate for the offloeof Probate Judge, of Jefferson county, Ohio, subject to the decision of tho Republican primary election.He has the confidence and respect of his employee and Kssuciatea, and they regret exceedingly that he hasretired.Television Listings For Canada's Eastern Maritime Provinces: 1976 to. Last Loc Drive. Mon Ami 5:30 Room 222 - "The Exchange Teacher" 6:00 Here Today 7.Mr. Moody said he had rigned the petition, and wanted the Market House, but he wanted more time.You have found an item located in the Kentuckiana Digital Library. Springfield Sun.: n. Wednesday, December 20, 1905.

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Bucbaiian et. al. vs. Sarah B. Ford et. a1., suit in equity to reform the description in a deed aud to attach a seal to the signature of the grantor, the court rendered a decree for plaintiff.He has rent them to jail time and again, and they hare been set tree cither by the Judge or County OommiteioDen by the insolvent act to save the county lite expense of keeping them.