Get Ethereums anonymously

Organisers can create, manage and promote their events and tickets with dramatically reduced platform costs, and can set price controls and receive commissions on secondary market sales.AICoin Token holders benefit from a steady flow of profits from the day the token is released after the ICO ends.Hivemind is a Peer-to-Peer Oracle Protocol which absorbs accurate data into a blockchain so that Bitcoin-users can speculate in Prediction Markets.On-chain, instant and liquid platform for exchange and payment service.

Decentralised e-commerce marketplace, designed for privacy and low fees.Papyrus is a fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising which radically improves programmatic advertising stack to provide efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture.

Their solution includes polls, quizzes, trivia, and many more options that can be customized and tailored to each piece of content.Our dating service will be easy to use and focused on result.The oligopolistic nature of the travel industry allows for superior margins, double marginalization, and inhibits competition.Blocktix is an Ethereum based, counterfeit-resistant solution for individuals and event hosting businesses to distribute, advertise, and transfer ownership of event tickets or passes.With Substratum, members will be able to vote content up or down.Currently, the valuable data you produce is at the mercy of large corporations.Lordmancer II encourages using of a cryptocurrency token named Lord Coin (LC) as a payment method for player-to-player trades, facilitating sale of a unique or rare game content.. we need to find a way to get people. on-4chan-crashed-ethereums-price/">fake news</a> that Vitalik had died. to express anonymously their...The smart trading software will ensure a stable price that will be close to value of the assets backing it 50% of the profit made will be distributed as profit share Profit share will be automatically sent to holders of TRIA token.

InkChain is an open and scalable Public Blockchain Infrastructure, which can be utilised for the interest of all stakeholders in the Creative Industry.The Benja merchandise ad network is executing a token issuance under the name benjaCoin(BENJA).It is a decentralized platform for traders, investors, developers, consultants and enthusiasts that allows to find and hire partners, employees and volunteers, sell their products or services, secure business deals via smart contracts, promote themselves, and finance their projects, among other items.The platform allows for a Smart Contract based on the Ethereum platform to be funded by donors and only allows the funds to be released to recipients when predefined criteria have been met.The encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain Crypviser is a disruptive, encrypted all-in- one network for social and business communication based on Blockchain technology.Civic already has a working identity verification product that is available worldwide.Reality Clash will be the most comprehensive and advanced social augmented reality combat game in the market, backed by the Etherum Blockchain.The benjaCoin will serve as a revenue-generating mechanism for the Benja merchandise adnetwork.Linker Project will connect prospective and issued coins with Linker Coin to provide the liquidity to the Coin Market.

This impact economy is built on organizations sharing values of Social Purpose, Ecological Concern, Economic Efficiency and Inclusive Governance.Unlike many technologies based on blockchain, SubstratumNode focuses on an intuitive user experience.TokenStub provides an alternative platform for buying and selling tickets, which promotes transparency while ensuring safety and security.The establishment of a Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform with the Earth Token as the settlement mechanism currency will fuel demand side applications including Carbon Mitigation, Climate Neutral Fuel and Waste-to-Energy, offering unique environmental sustainability solutions and the creation of differentiated value for stakeholders to build brand equity and increase market share.This mobile gaming store has a proprietary payment gateway that allows gamers to use Gamecredits to buy in-game content.Gamecredits can be acquired with credit cards and other local paymentmethods within this gateway.The next generation bank service (smartbank), which is under development, seeks to become a bank that handles different types of cryptocurrencies including KeY token.Partnership with the exchanges around the world is possible through blockchain cryptocurrency.

Loci is a distributed database for patent research, discovery, and licensing.LAT can also be used for task creation, meaning that anyone needed a task completed can now use LAT to pay for the labor.Initially two cryptocurrencies will be available for the exchange - Bitcoin and Ethereum, with later envisioned addition of Monero and other altcoins.Decentralized, secure and low-cost event ticketing marketplace built on the blockchain.A platform that utilizes the blockchain technology to generate meaningful graphical emotion trends based on the users textual inputs.

Ahoolee uses a decentralized platform for open collecting and indexing information from open sources with confirmation of authenticity based on blockchain technology.Building on the work of almost three years, The Block is their solution: a totally peer-to-peer e-commerce experience, without unnecessary costs, geographical limitations or arbitrary restrictions.LeviarCoin is an anonymous, secure and decentralised cryptocurrency based on cryptonote technology.Introducing a transportfocused protocol to accelerate the development of mobility related decentralised applications(dApps), the DOV token powers new business models in the transportation sector.Afterschool team is developing a kids activities marketplace built with blockchain technology.This makes Aragon organizations more efficient than their traditional counterparties.By making it possible for everyone in the world to organize, we are enabling the borderless, permissionless creation of value.

RootProject is a new model of crowdfunding platform for public and charity projects.The fundamental quality of the platform is to impart people with the ability to invest without serious analytical skills and generate profit.

It dynamically generates an ongoing smart contract based proof-of-work product distribution chain, creating a trust-worthy, mutually beneficial chain of services for product creation, customization and distribution.Global marketplace for a local business powered by Blockchain.The holders of COSS tokens will receive weekly revenues from the COSS DAO generating value out of transaction fees on the COSS platform governed by the Smart Contract System.This enables institutional investors to take advantage of crypto markets since the resulting derivatives have a titled security claim to the underlying asset.Trading cryptocurrencies with artificial intelligence will provide short term gains and the fuel to drive our longer term vision of becoming one of the most successful seed investors in the Artificial Intelligence and.

The advantages of the Transmission system are the construction of its own extensive architecture of units that provide cash flows between its users while eliminating the need for actual implementation of international transfers.Unified technological infrastructure for cryptocurrency trading and investment.Decentralized and incentivized network for distributing and monetizing video.Instead of messangers, a dedicated mobile app could be used for 2FA according to internal security policies.The unique ecosystem protects against bad influences, and aligns goals through an incentive system.Hash Rush is a project that combines real-time strategy gaming with cryptocurrency mining, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency rewards while enjoying a deep, immersive and ever-growing strategy game.On the one hand, Ziber drastically reduces the cost of international calls.BannerCharge enables companies to do things from membership management to ecommerce websites.

Transmission is the platform for fast and reliable worldwide multi-currency transactions.RCN is a global credit network based on cosigned smart contracts that connects lenders and borrowers located anywhere in the world and on any currency.Public chain and decentralized storage network for blockchain applications.Apart from placing auction lots, it is possible to place an ordinary advertisements there.They want the value to be shared between those that really matter - the guests and the hotels.

At the first stages of the development of videohosting, the reward will be 1 coin for 24 hours of watching video.Blockchains have demonstrated the incredible power of systems that are voluntary, decentralized, and trustworthy.We let the buyer see trustworthy and transparent reviews made by previous customers.TRON supports various kinds of blockchain networks and smart contract systems, including bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Qtum, and other public blockchain smart contracts, provides developers with multiprotocol infrastructure for entertainment app development, and allows users to enjoy smooth multiprotocol smart networks.WPR token holders can use or sell donated green energy, which provides liquidity.They provide professional software already for more than 300 Dental clinics.All services provided will be in conjunction with international law and regulations.EnKo is a decentralized platform for purchasing sex services.