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Fixed issues associated with multi-threaded miner stratum connections.Added gethelp servers for support staff to better assist users.Fixed cases where a proxy termination notice was displayed when proxy was not actually running.Allowed users to recieve ethOS download purchases immediately.

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Added GPU VRAM to stats panel as a hover under rig name.Anyone know of specific coins you still can mine on your CPU/GPU that are. seems I roughly can barely break even mining. Ethereum and Monero with.

A massive cyptocurrency mining botnet has. and therefore remains a powerful Monero mining tool. Coin miners show up in apps and sites to wear out your CPU.Fixed cases where home directory permissions were not set correctly.Added better estimation to capacity percentage in ethOS stats panel.Fixed NVIDIA-related overclocking bugs by refactoring NVIDIA overclocking to occur faster and more efficiently.

Main page. From LURKMORE wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Mining related information, such as what cgminer is and how to configure it, will be a great help!.Added sample RX 400 series overclocking guide to ethOS sample config ( ).5 hours ago, ImadKnight said: Liquid nitrogen cooling much bro? TEC.Fixed an issue that caused iGPU to count NVIDIA GPUs incorrectly (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).Find out NVidia Geforce GTX 1080 8GB ZCash (ZEC) mining Hashrate (mhs) for base and overclocked config, required power supply and maximum temperature.

loc location of rig,. C cpu temperature (in C) R amount of system ram (in gigabytes) F total free space (in gigabytes). B250 MINING EXPERT.

Android Devices Targeted by New Monero-Mining Botnet. How to Enable CPU Virtualization in Your Computer's BIOS. NTFSLOC.EXE Information.Cleaned up the way GPU names are displayed in stats panel.Optimized ethminer selection based on driver, to reduce CPU usage.Prevented certain errors associated with NVIDIA overclocking.News fork Bitcoin God (Bitcoin Dumnezeu) in data de 28/10/2017, daca ai depozitat bitcoin original intr-un exchange dupa ce va avea loc bifurcatia, vei primi o suma.LOC. 428. Xaurum. XAUR. 429. BitDice. CSNO. 430. PinkCoin. Skein and Myr-Groestl for GPU miners, and Qubit for GPU and CPU miners. but its focus was not on.Added status condition in stats panel for total amount of autoreboots.

Added daemon for desktop statistics to make sure it runs at all times.Report whether a rig is using a remote or a local config to webhook.

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Fixed ordering of rigpool1 and rigpool2 when running dstm-zcash.Added ADL-related error as an event condition to API if rig cannot mine due to a hardware-related problem.Added claymore-zcash 11.1, resulting in faster zcash hashrates.It shows how the bad guys can gain access not just to one victim’s CPU. Coinhive, which allows visited websites to mine for the Monero. (LOC) The Next BIG.

Added better method of supporting custompanel on stats panel.Fixed issues associated with preparing ethOS image for end users.Revamped hash-gather methods to support the addition of future miners more quickly.Updated ethOS to kernel 4.8.17, resulting in increased stability and a slightly increased hashrate.

Was going to give EthOS a shot and this article will help greatly.Refactored NVIDIA overclocking to enhance reliability on edge cases.Added better time indicators and hovers for columns associated with time data on the stats panel.Fixed a case where initial boot hostname was not set correctly.Distributed computing on end-user devices has been around since [email protected] came out in the 1990s to advance scientific… Sign in for existing members By submitting.Refactored gpu-info datagather to work in edge cases where it would previously timeout.Added color-coded IP address on stats panel based on selected driver.Set ability to toggle between Desktop Mode and Full Screen Terminal Mode on ethOS desktop.

Likewise, all moderators of this subreddit follow the Modiquette.Fixed cases where claymore ETH miner would not work on all pools.Removed some disk writes associated with logging to allow longer disk lifespan.

Adjusted the way IRC usernames are assigned if user logs into IRC from rig.Fixed cases where sgminer-gm-xmr would not display correct hashrates.Added average GPU temperature to stats panel.van loc 3 месяца. (CPU And GPU) GaM Danh. 11. Đào tiền Monero (Monero Mining, XMR Mining) - Kiếm tiền OnlineKIẾM TIỀN ONLINE.The latest Tweets from Sumanta Dey (@sumanta_dey). InfoSec Leader. Absolutely in love with Security. Interested in security related news/info/events and jobs.

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Spent too much time trying to get it to work yesterday on my Vega 56 rig and will have to use Win10 to mine.Fixed a bug that prevented RX series GPUs from throttling correctly if overheated.Added bootlogger to all ethOS startup scripts and added bootlog output to gethelp.